For Sale By Owner Settlement Services, LLC

For Sale By Owner Settlement Services, LLC is a company specializing in assisting sellers and buyers in negotiating the complex and confusing process of buying and selling a house without the use of a real estate agent. If the situation arises where you elect to sell your property without using an agent, e.g. you’re selling to your tenant or you don’t have enough equity in the property to secure the services of an agent or you just don’t want to pay 6% of your sales price to someone to sell your house, we can help.

For Sale By Owner Settlement Services, LLC (FSBO, LLC) is a subsidiary of FireSide Settlement & Title Services, Inc., an attorney owned and operated settlement and title services company which has been serving the Northern Virginia area for over twenty-five years.

For a nominal fee of $350* we will draft the contract per your instructions. All the information we will need is set forth in this website. If you need more information on the process before you decide to sell, you can meet with one of our attorneys for up to thirty minutes without charge. Alternatively, if you are comfortable with what your doing and you and the purchaser have agreed on terms, we will prepare the contract for your review and give you instructions on how to execute same.  If you wish you can come into our office and meet with us to execute same.

Our charges for handling your settlement are among the lowest in the industry. You can obtain a quote for your settlement costs, title insurance charges and recording fees at the “Get a Quote” button on the FireSide Settlement & Titles Services, Inc. website. Lender charges and pre-paid items will be additional charges which will be disclosed to you by your lender when you submit your application.

We’ve organized this site to provide you with the information needed to prepare a sales contract.  If you click on each heading you will find a discussion of those requirements and the need for same.

If you’re ready to get started or wish to know more about the process contact us at 703 836-5834 or email us at



*Contract preparation fees are for settlements where we represent the buyer and the seller. If at closing either party chooses a different settlement company to perform their closing, our contract preparation fee is $750.00. The parties can negotiate who pays for the contract preparation fee and/or split same.